LOYAL had benefited from favourable winds that saw the race leaders tear down Australia’s east coast after departing Sydney Harbour on Monday. The yacht was first into the open ocean followed by Scallywag and Wild Oats. Wild Oats edged into the lead amid freshening northerly winds and looked well set to break its own record for the race, but in a bitter blow, its hydraulic keel control mechanism failed when it was in the middle of the Bass Strait. Citing crew safety, skipper Mark Richards made the call to retire from the race on Tuesday morning, with the Nice sentiments yacht arriving at the town of Eden some 480 kilometres south of Sydney early Wednesday. It was the second-straight year Wild Oats had to pull out from the bluewater classic, with a mainsail rip thwarting her ambitions in 2015. The line honours instead went to America’s Comanche, which did not take part in this year’s contest. But half the world-class crew of Comanche returned to the Sydney to Hobart on board LOYAL, after Bell brought them in this year in a bid to become more competitive. It was the second win for Bell, the head of an accountancy firm, who took out line honours in 2011 with Investec Loyal — the first time he sailed in the race. He signalled his intent to move on after the win, saying he “won’t be back next year” and that he had something “new and hot” to do in sailing without elaborating.

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